About Us

The City of Orange Police Association (COPA) was formed in 1967. Incorporated as a non-profit corporation, the Association’s membership is comprised of all Police Department employees – from the sworn command staff to civilian clerical employees. Since its inception, it has been the goal of our Association to promote the safety, welfare and unity of its members. COPA serves as the recognized employee organization representing all of the Department’s line-level personnel.


Our Association’s affairs are conducted by the Executive Board. Elected officers make policy decisions, oversee finances, and regulate contracts. Appointed officers serve in various staff capacities and facilitate the effective operation of the Association. COPA maintains several committees. These committees carry out various functions such as publication of a newsletter, promotion of our member’s health and fitness, and community outreach.


The City of Orange Police Association cares deeply about our community. We are charged with protecting the people who live in, do business in, and visit Orange. We each take this responsibility very seriously. In addition to discharging their official duties, our membership can often be found giving back to the community in other ways. Our members volunteer their time to raise funds for local charities, help those in need, and work with community outreach organizations to improve the quality of life for Orange residents. We also make monetary donations worthwhile causes.

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